The seed of our greatness is found, indisputably, at the beginning of our hydrocarbons sector, branch in which Grupo Saru has continued to grow and to gain experience since 1987.

With considerable experience in this domain, GRUPO SARU’s hydrocarbons division is currently represented by "Diesel Cargo", which consists of 3 companies: "Tecnologías GPG", "LCO Logística Internacional", and "PROEN distribuidora."

Diesel Cargo possess the ability to solve major scale projects related to the fuel supply, transportation and storage. Furthermore, as consequence of experience, it understands the importance of the development of smaller scale projects. For this reason, it offers a fleet of gas stations in constant expansion under the name of "Gasolineras SARU" in order to fulfill the needs of each client in particular, no matter how high or low their consumption needs are.